REBORN: Book 3 of the Reclaim Series

The war between humanity and the Zeal is about to change forever.  

Master Sergeant Teve Porter has spent the last year reclaiming the lost cities of Earth from the vicious alien invaders known as the Zeal. With the help of his genetically altered body, Teve is now capable of hitting back at the deadly, enemy, matched only by the Zeal hybrids that plague the city centers.

The joint operation between the armed forces of Earth and Mars seems on track to rid the planet of the invaders until Teve is visited by a hybrid from his past known only as X. The half-alien, half-human changes the war forever without Teve realizing.

Captain Bradley Porter hasn’t seen his brother Teve in over four years. The two close siblings spent the first three years of the war not knowing if the other was alive. Now, after a long time apart, the two brothers have a chance to reunite … if the Zeal will let them.

When Porter returns to Earth on a surprise trip to visit Teve, he discovers his brother has been cut off behind enemy lines. Without thinking, Porter charges headfirst into danger, flying support aircraft into Zeal infested territory to find him. When he comes out the other side of the fight, Porter discovers a terrible secret about the Special Forces soldiers Command has tried to keep secret.

Will Porter be able to face reality when the time comes? And what will the Zeal do when their backs are against the wall?