RETURN: Book 0.5 of the Reclaim series

How do you return to battle against an enemy you can’t defeat?

Private Roxana Mishina has faced the Zeal before. The overpowering alien army swept across Earth and conquered the world’s armies in a matter of weeks.

Now, embarking on a desperate campaign led by the United Earth Forces to retake lost ground, Mish must return to the front line and face the invaders that devastated the city she once called home, Los Angeles.

The mission soon falls apart when Mish and the first wave of soldiers are shot down by the aliens behind enemy lines.

Stranded in a Zeal infested wasteland with her only surviving friend, Private Teve Porter, Mish must find the courage to fight through another failed attempt to push the invaders out of her home.

Will she survive the night?

Return is a short story set in the Reclaim series between the prequel and book 1.